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unpredicable puppies

Dogs such as thees can grow up to be unperdable if they do not get tranded!

Big breads

These dogs can get up to 6 feet when they are full grown!

Service dogs

From the moment these puppies can see they train to defend our counery!

calmest breads

these dogs are nathraly calm when outher dogs would not!

Farm Dogs

these dogs are very loyal when it come to linising to there owner,herding the sheep and more!

top 10 cutest puppies

1.Pugs are sheavy shrders!They have BIG personalty for such a small dog!At the same time pugs need lots of exersize to keep them heathey!From a very young age baby pugs are ful of engery but audlt pugs are very lazy. When born, pugs come in big litters,the averuge is about 3 but some night be expting more (the biger the dog the biger the litter)! Pugs are very sensitive to heat and humanity, tempturs abouve 80-85 can be hazers to

2. Pomeranians are one of the most popular dog breads. Its name comes from old dutch pomerania.The frist pomeranians were much biger they contruled sheep,cattle and deer.There breeds name was "woluf spites".

3. King charlges spaniel are very friendly,loving and amazing lap-dogs.There the number one house dog in the U.S.A. They come in 4 colors, black and white,tan and white, black and tan and, red. they should NEVER show signs of aggression there very nice dogs.

4. Beagles thrive in active familys and love exersize, however there yards must be feced in because like a hound at any smell of a animal a beagle will run!! They can be great hunting dogs but have trouble at home so breeders suggest starting training early! Beagles are loving dogs and very nice around children!!

5. Chihuahuas name means "gint sandy place".There named aftter the place they were found "chihuahua mexico". They are one of the bravest dog breeds. There consitereed intelligent, vivacious,faithful dogs. Chihuahuas are born with a soft spot on there head because the bones of the scull are not yet in place. The smallest dog in the world is only 15.2 centimete long its a teacup chihuahua!!!!

6. Maltese might be tiny but they are fearless.These dogs sneez like there gaging but thats normal and it only lats for a mint. Maltese also have a lot of empathy they can read our emotions and act accordingly to them, when were happy there happy, with makes them grate therapy dog!

7. German sheperds date back to the 1890. A caverly caption began to folow his dream to devleop a noble workig breed, when he found his dream breed at a dog show, they bagan to become poplure!There none for there wedge-shaped haed, pointed eres, long,dense, hard tail! there an eazy dog to train, but german sheperds arn't the tipe of dog that can be left long for long ours!!!!!

8. Yorkshire terriers none as "yorkies" used to be prized ratting dogs for miners and weavers who imgrated from soctland. Yorkies are a memder of the A.K.C toy grup! There exclusive companions but dont like to be left alone! Yorkies are know to folow there oners around from room to room!!There exilen companions for seners but there happy in any family!!!

9. Shih tzu in chinese means "lion dog". There ancestors were very genetically to wolves! Shih tzusare a crass between a Pekingese + a lhasa Apos!Acording to legen, in china shih tzu would sleep at the end of the emperors bed! There very cudly and love to play with outher dogs, but they can be stubborn or slower to train! Shih tzu do not do well in hot and humid weather and live between 12 or 16!It is rair but some do live to be 20!!!!!

9. Huskys are loyal, brave, intelgent, and can be very affection to there contains!There one of the most wolf like breeds!Most have two differnt colored eyes!Huskys are very good at adapting to new interments but, some breeds suffer form intense heat!There breed tens to be very talkative!When they Howl it can be hurd from 15 cyclometers away!!Houkys are the 4th oldest breeds in the world!They originated from a trid in siberia!Outher than pulling sleds they had outher jobs in the comuntie like, fiting off animals or slepping in the chrilderns beds!